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Summertime travel in our Kenskill

Screen Shot 1957 trailer

In the 1950s and 1960s summer was when we packed the trailer and headed east or north from California. Because Dad was a seventh grade teacher, we were able to spend six to eight weeks on the road which became his summer classroom. Dad made learning fun for us four kids as we stopped at all the landmarks, visited friends and relatives, and camped along the road or in state and national parks.

One of Dad’s hobbies was photography. We got tired of posing but those Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides help us remember the hot summer days when we crisscrossed the United States in our matching red and white station wagon and travel trailer.

One scary incident was when the trailer tire blew and made a big hole in the closet. Shoes and clothes littered the highway until Dad could pull over.

The whole family loved our 21 foot Kenskill because it had a toilet and tiny shower and room for all six of us. It afforded “luxuries” we didn’t have with tent camping or with our previous 16 foot trailer. Kenskills, manufactured from 1946 to the mid 70’s, are now sought after vintage trailers. Over the years my husband and I have enjoyed tent camping but as we age and need a bit more comfort for sleeping and convenient kitchen area, we’re seeking an affordable teardrop type trailer. Hint, hint.

Dad picked a beautiful place to pull over for the photo op showing three of us kids with mom. Our five year old brother is wearing the leather lederhosen and Bavarian hat with feather brought from Germany by our older brother when he cycled Europe.

Happy and safe travels to all who are on the road this summer enjoying the sights of our beautiful country.