Dani's Niche

Family history. A novel idea.

Book description


Two small boys glean the hedgerow as a large hawk swoops onto the field. The older one crouches in terror, the younger is captivated by it. Oh to fly free like the bird!  However, it is early nineteenth century England and the rural poor have no hope of a better life. Destined to a life of poverty, Richard Stone’s dream of becoming a landowner is beyond reach.

When tragedy strikes the family, Richard makes a promise. It is not the only burden he will carry. Years later, at the annual hiring fair, a farmer gives Richard work for one year. He becomes a valued laborer, but when he is smitten with the farmer’s daughter with no hope of marrying her due to class differences, he leaves the farm.

The farmer’s daughter has her own secrets and introspections. She makes a choice that changes her life and casts her into a role for which she is not prepared.

A mysterious aunt, a plague stone, a crime of poverty, a questionable death. As a family faces adversities, they discover the power of friendship and forgiveness and the meaning of true freedom.  A heart-wrenching decision finally opens the door to the fulfillment of Richard’s dream, but the family must find a way through it.

Stone’s Hope is based on a real family, ordinary people, whose faith is sure to challenge and inspire.

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