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Twiga the giraffe: two printable coloring pages for young children


Twiga activity

A grandma bought “A Whistle in the Wind” for her grandchildren. Their mom sent this picture and gave me permission to share it with you.. Isn’t it great?

A note to Shelby (age 7) and Tori (age 5): Nice work, girls! I don’t know you, but thank your mom for sending this picture of your coloring (and your grandma for giving you the book.). Your pictures brought much joy to me today. I like how you got creative with all those stickers, and that Tori gifted her artwork to your cousin Caleb.

Parents of young children: Click on the link below for two printable coloring pages prepared by artist Ann. If you have the book, your children can trace the other animals and make their own coloring pages.

Two Twiga coloring pages


Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 1.07.13 PM

Paperback available online and through retail bookstores