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Plot device – objects

A book, letter, diary
A locket, ring, coin
A photo, camera, mirror
A small box, trunk, key
A hat, shoe
A stone, sword
A bird
A rose

These are a few objects that authors have used to hook the reader and heighten interest. Who doesn’t like a little mystery, even if it isn’t a mystery book?

Skillfully placed and used throughout the telling, an object subtly snags and keeps the reader engaged and also helps link story lines and characters. Once an object has been introduced, no matter where in the story, it must not be abandoned.

I let my uncle read a rough draft of the first chapter of my book. His only comment was “I want to know what happened to that scarf.” The scarf? I never intended anything to “happen” to it. I took the cue and used that object several more times, once as a transition between time periods and finally to link two emotional moments for the main character.

Were there any objects in “Stone’s Hope” that hooked you and made you want to keep reading?

Objects can also be used as symbols to support the theme and give deeper meaning to the story. Did you find any in “Stone’s Hope?”

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