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I Have a Name

The ultrasound revealed a tiny blob, but we knew there must be life because of the strong heartbeat. A few weeks later, a second ultrasound amazed us as we viewed a tiny human with visible body parts. The graph again showed a heartbeat, but it was when the baby moved that proved to us the wonderful miracle called life. Not fully formed, this little one was safe in the womb to complete the necessary time for development. We were excited and looking forward to being first time grandparents.

The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life. Job 33:4

God gives us our first breath and only He sees the first beat of our heart. He created each of us in His own image and loves each of us with an everlasting love. He gives us a mind to know Him, a heart to love Him, and a will to choose to obey Him. 

God also sees the last beat of our heart when we are ushered into His presence if we have chosen His way. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Therefore, choose LIFE.

This month I feel led to share the updated version of a poem I posted in 2015. It is dedicated to anyone whose baby in the womb was not allowed life. You may not have chosen life for that precious one but you can choose life for yourself by putting your faith in Jesus Christ and look forward to a glorious reunion in heaven.

I Have a Name

Inside you I grew. 
A seed formed into
Tiny parts
Destined to be
Voices said of you
Others said, “A girl can
Make the grades
Be top citizen in her class
Succeed in life If only…”

No longer safe
In your womb
I cried, though none could hear,
That shame would fade
But guilt would linger
A lifetime.

Voices spoke In whispers
While Murderer
Removed piece by piece of
 Who I could have been.
Blood. Blood. Oh the horror!
I cried, though none could hear.
The pain, the agony.
For a lie.

The deed done,
Your song
Your words
“Forgive me.”
A bright and happy 
Paradise welcomed me.
I am whole.
Safe with others
Like me.
Too many.
Too many who also cried 
But were not heard.

You gave me no name.
Never knew if boy or girl.
Never knew
My beauty like you.
Or what I could have been.

You often wondered
You remembered
The deed, the loss.
The memory lingered
Too long.

Along life’s way 
You accepted God’s gift
Of salvation, 
Life eternal.

At last
Crippled and aged
You expelled your last breath
And passed down the narrow way
To the gate.
I waited for
Arms that could have held me
In life.

You hold me now
For eternity.
No tears. 
We are one
At Peace.

Across your forehead
Your new name.
You gaze at mine.
I do have a name after all.

d. gustafson
copyright 2/28/2022