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The Stone House: the book


Young Amos discovers there can only be a harvest after the plowshare has done its work. The clay, the wood, the ox—and a secret that comes to light—work to smooth the rough edges of his will. His struggle with injustice awakens a new desire. And he must overcome the obstacle that keeps him from the girl he loves. A simple kindness sparks gossip in the community and the family learns that friends are sometimes like the various types of flowers that come and go with the changing seasons.The Stone House is the second book in a saga inspired by a real family who learns about truth, trust, and the importance of building on a foundation of faith.


It was two years before I discovered “Old Stone House” and knew immediately it would make the perfect cover for my book. Since then I have come to appreciate the art of Billy Jacobs and am most grateful for his permission to use this image. I encourage you to visit his website at http://www.billyjacobs.com for more wonderful artwork and view the video of how he came to paint life in rural America. screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-4-13-13-pm

HISTORICAL NOTES: Old Abe, Civil War mascot

A bald eagle named Old Abe was the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the American Civil War. In the spring of 1861 the fledgling was taken from its nest and eventually passed into the hands of a company of volunteers who were enroute to Camp Randall in Madison, WI where they were mustered into Company C of the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, nicknamed the “Eagle Regiment.”
“Old Abe,” was carried into combat on a special shield-shaped perch with an American flag. He participated in over thirty battles, narrowly avoiding rebel bullets. Confederate soldiers called him the Yankee Buzzard and set bounties on him. To the brave and gallant regiment of Union soldiers, the eagle was an inspiration.

After the war Old Abe toured the country as part of America’s Centennial Exposition. He was exhibited at the Chicago Fair in 1865 where his photograph realized about $16,000 and in Milwaukee raised $20,000. He was donated to the government of Wisconsin, spending his postwar years living in the Capitol building, attending political rallies and charity fundraisers. The image on the right (Wisconsin Historical Society website) was used on cards that were sold to raise money for the war and for a veterans’ home. Fire took his life in 1881.

J.I. Case farm implement company used Old Abe as part of their corporate logo. He serves as mascot of several Wisconsin high schools. The shoulder patch for the famous 101st Airborne Division also features Old Abe.

For more of his story go to the U.S. Army website and to the Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum website.

The children’s book, “The Legend of Old Abe: A Civil War Eagle,” is available through amazon books.

“The Stone House” can be purchased in paperback or ebook through amazon books.