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Tea party for two

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She arrived, pretty in pink organdy, stepping lightly in shiny church-going shoes. 

“Good afternoon,” our voices blended. We stifled giggles and quickly returned to manners proper for the occasion.

Her large, brown eyes twinkled when she caught sight of the lace-covered table and the porcelain teapot and cups set upon it. 

She chose a chair and fluffed her skirt as she took her place. I did the same, positioning myself across the table.

“Thank you for inviting me to your party,” she said, sitting with straight back and hands in her lap.

“My pleasure,” I replied taking up the white teapot, embellished with red roses, and pouring the brew into matching cups. 

“Cream and sugar?”

“No thank you,” she said.

I lifted my cup for a sip, replacing it on the saucer with care. She followed my lead.

She helped herself to a tea cake and offered one to me.

We licked our lips clean of the sugary topping and blotted them daintily with our linen napkins.

We did not say many words.

We did not need to.

We were friends

Having tea.


Remember when?

Tea for two

Me and you


For the real tea party when we were four and three years old, we used a plastic tea set on a paper cloth, sat on upside down buckets, and shared the table with a doll and a stuffed bear. My sister still has the tea set in its original box. 

~ dedicated to Dollie, July 2021

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