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More Handwritten Treasures

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No photographs exist of my great great grandparents when they lived in England in the early 1800’s. So, when I opened the autograph book of my grandmother’s sister, Lizzie, I knew I had found a treasure. Instead of a picture I had a sample of my great great grandfather’s handwriting and what was on his heart to tell his granddaughter.

In 1883 Richard wrote her: “My advise is to walk in wisdoms ways. The fear of the Lord is the beging of wisdom and understanding have thay that love to walk in wisdom. May the blessing of God go with you and gide and protect you and keep you from all Sin is the Desire of My hart.”

This was written by a man who could only place an X on his marriage certificate in 1832 because he was illiterate. I don’t know if he learned to read and write before he immigrated to America or after, but I do know he became quite proficient at both.

My great grandmother’s four lines in 1885 read: “May flowers of love Around thee be twined And sunshine of peace Shed its joys are thy mind.”

In 1888 Lizzie’s best friend Martha wrote: “A handsome woman pleases the eye; but a good woman pleases the heart.”

If you have handwritten treasures you’d like to share with readers, please click on the comment link above and I will post them.

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